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Astrology for Career & Life Purpose

Exceptional Purpose Studio

A series of short courses designed to Power your Purpose, helping you refine your own potential for career success and your spiritual enhancement. Not a full astrology course, but you’ll learn much about this science as it relates to your own life at many levels, including some past-life influences, while working in-depth with your own chart.
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Choices :

Online (commencement later 2021)
In-House in Brisbane (Australia) suspended for now

Yogacara Astrology

A comprehensive course covering all of Kerrie Redgate’s research into the links between Yogacara Buddhist psychology, the Brain, & the Earth’s Electro-Magnetic Field. Study for your own benefit, or utilise these skills professionally or for your family. Big discount if you’d completed the Exceptional Purpose course first.
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Choices :

Online (commencement scheduled for late 2022)
In-House in Brisbane (Australia) suspended for now

Kerrie, I have such fantastic memories of learning astrology from you and of you in general. You are a brilliant teacher and researcher. You are a brilliant interpreter of astrology.

Amanda Vallis Thompson

Former Editor, 'Southern Crossings Magazine' ( Australia )

Thank you, Kerrie, sooooo much. I am so glad I followed my spirit’s calling back in 1991 when I saw the ad for your course in a shop window. Best decision I ever made!

Renae Aslanis

( Australia )

You are an amazing teacher and a true pioneer!

Frances Porter

( Australia )

I have been a student of Spiritual Astrology and Flower Essences for over 20 years and my mentor is the innovative and inspirational Kerrie Redgate! This has led to continual study of many vibrational and energetic healing modalities including Flower Essences, Reiki, Kinesiology and Psychosomatics leading to a wide-ranging experience of life and people.

Linda Ritchie

Jewellery Designer & Founder, Purple Heavens Creation ( Australia )

More information on Kerrie’s perspective
and Yogacara Astrology course,
see Kerrie’s Exceptional Purpose site

Listen to Kerrie Redgate’s podcast
‘Your Exceptional Purpose | Astrology’
for samples of her research

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