Kerrie  Redgate


  • I started practising Hatha Yoga in 1968
    — people thought I was weird
  • I started meditating in 1973
    people thought I was bizarre
  • I became a vegan way back in 1976
    people thought I was crazy
  • I then tried to encourage wholegrains & fibre in their diet
    people thought I was mad
  • I also warned of the dangers of refined white sugar in 1976
    people thought I was silly
  • I went out of my way to buy organic foods in the late ’70s
    people thought I was nuts
  • I became a Reiki channel in 1986
    people thought I was a looney
  • I graduated as a serious astrologer in 1987
    people (though not my clients!) thought I was insane

Time has proven I wasn’t wrong or nuts
— just a little ahead of my time 

. . . AND I STILL AM ! 

…and you should see what I’ve done with Astrology!

This entire website serves as my general Portfolio Site to get you started with my services and profile — some of my links below▼

But you can find quicker snippets on all the skills and studies I’ve combined to help you to become exceptional (including my unique research into astrology during the past 35 years), on the About Kerrie Redgate page of my comprehensive astrology website

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