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What Are Flower Essences?

Flower essences are created
from the ‘alchemical’ synthesis of flowers,
life-sustaining pure water,
and life-giving sunlight

The effect of flower essence tinctures is purely and subtly vibrational. And yet, this ancient art of capturing the frequencies from flowers has been used for thousands of years to alter mood and mind in much the same way that music (another vibrational effect) can alter us. Flower essences were probably originally discovered by our ancient ancestors sipping the dew from flower petals in the early mornings.

Today, there is a process for creating flower essences that requires nothing more than the flowers, natural sunlight and purified water, with some brandy used as a preservative.

I first tried flower essences for myself in the early 1980s, and was astounded by the wonderful results. I now use them for myself every day, and I’ve prepared over 70 combination formulas as external sprays from flower essences created by reputable producers around the world. 

Flower essences may speed recovery from many conditions, as the Mind is involved as the original source of all our ailments, even ‘accidents’. However, if the body’s physical health is severely compromised, flower essences may be too slow-acting on their own, and other methods of healing should always be used in these instances, with flower essences supporting the process at higher levels of Mind.

When employed together, my system of Yogacara Astrology (as an understanding of Mind) and flower essence therapy (as a treatment of Mind) have the potential to bring about astounding, holistic healing.

Astrology is the path to a rational understanding of the deeper causes of the problems we face, and to their higher purpose in our life direction, while flower essences offer support as therapeutic ‘frequencies’ that may facilitate the healing and transformational process.

Bodhimind Essences:

7 Flower Essence Formula Categories

  • FreeCreativity Collection
  • HeartCentred Collection
  • Meditation Collection
  • SpiritualEvolution Collection
  • PowerHealing Collection
  • Your Purpose Collection
  • Bodhisattva Path Collection
Blue buds with Drew Drop by Roksolane Zasiadko via Unsplash

Interested in Astrology ? 
Here’s a link to an Anecdote:

You will find an anecdote on the About Kerrie Redgate page of my Bodhimind Essences site, concerning the asteroid aspects in my own chart as they relate to the theme of working with flower essences. . . Just thought you may find that interesting.

You’ll find much more information on flower essence therapy
& flower essences in general on my dedicated site

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